What is RDP?

RDP, commonly known as Remote Desktop Protocol, is a type of connection between two computers from a controller and a reciever. The reciever would be a computer which allows RDP connections while the controller would control the computer. Think of it as controling a computer using the web. 

Therefore, you are able to download big files from slow websites, then transfer the files onto your computer. You are also able to render videos, encode data, etc, which normally would take a lot of usage on your computer slowing it down, but is on a highly powered and efficient node. You can also think of a RDP as your home computer but with the power of a server.

Obviously, we offer Shared-RDP servers to our customers. We grant basic user permissions for our cheaper plans. Cheaper plan users may need to share their server with up to a maximum amount of 35 people. Users have limited resources to work from (These server should only be used for low CPU comsuming tasks such as web browsing, etc).

And as we move up in price, Admin Permissions are being granted [which grants you the ability to have more freedom (Ex. Install Software)] This would come at a larger price but the maximum amount of people on these nodes are restricted. This also may mean that you will have more resources to work from.

Illigal material are prohibited to run on the RDP. (Ex. Hacking, DDoSing, etc).
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