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We like to provide you the best service but in order to do that we expect you to respect the rules. Keep the following rules in mind and in case of any query or doubt feel free to ask at:
1) Do not use Winrar in other than “Store Compression Mode". 
2) You can only run 1 Winrar process under any case, running multiple winrars is strictly prohibited.    
3) You can download unlimited files in Internet Download Manager but the downloading queue must be as follows: 
a) For 16/32 GB RAM server (NL 100, NL 200, NL 350, NL 500 ) 
If the file size is:
Less than 700 MB -  users must download/upload 3-4 files at a time
Larger than 700 MB but less than 1 GB - 3 files at a time 
If larger than 1 GB - 2 files at a time.
b) Internet Download Manger takes too much RAM and I/O usage to rebuild a file so whether you download 1 file at a time or 5 files at a time after downloading the files take the same amount of time to rebuild. Larger the file lager it takes to rebuild. Also please not that you have to follow the same rules for other download managers also.
4) For running multiple filezilla:
a) In case of good speed can upload 2 files at a time
b) If the speed is slow then you can increase the no. of uploads to 7 -8 but not more than 10.
5) For using File and Image (z-o-o-m) Uploader:
a) In case of good speed can upload 4-5 files at a time
b) If case of slow speed you can increase the number of uploads to 8-9.
6) If you are using any kind of portable software like File and Image (z-o-o-m) Uploader or any other then keep please keep an eye on task manager for CPU usage .
7) Please note that If any process uses more than 10% CPU for more than 5 minutes then we have the right to terminate the process without any notification.
8) If you are not using the RDP then make sure you disconnect all the running applications when you log off.
9) You can use public trackers for a few times but in case of any warnings and complaints we have the right to close your slot immediately.

10) We do not entertain such tools, if we found then your rdp may get disabled and you will not be entitled for any refund. Such tools are:

  • Hacking/Bruteforcing Tools or Programs
  • Spamming tools
  • Phishing Sites / Scam Sites
  • Port scanning, DDoS Attacks, Child Porn, E-Mail Spamming & attacking other servers or networks
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